keep calm and stay dignified

- unless you don't give a fuck -

The Pretty Reckless - Dear Sister


did I really have to wait so long to realise I love you?
it seems I’m not one of the best minds. in fact my theory is being ruined at the very moment, but that’s another story, different chapters.

it was yesterday, to be precise ;)

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let’s celebrate!

let’s celebrate!

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i remember this evening about six years ago when the idea of creating my book came to my mind. what’s funny, the first scene i ‘imagined’ was the final scene. i didn’t know the plot nor the characters yet; all i knew was this image of hands reaching towards me.
the picture above looks just like this idea in my mind.

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“In school you must learn how to remember what is taught to you, but in the theatre what is poured into you remains with you of its own accord.”

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Kult - ‘Prosto”

"Prosto" - straight.

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“How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind.”


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well, that’s what we call platonic love, don’t WE?

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i’ve got this blog for a year! :)

big thanks to Tumblr for giving me the possibility to share my thoughts in this brilliant way ;)